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PE Independent Study Request forms are due by Tuesday, March 24th in the main office.

AP/Honors Appeal forms are due by Monday, March 31st in the main office.

Both are available in the "Forms" section

District Calendar for 2015-2016 is in 'Forms'

To view the Powerpoint presentation made by Stacy Grimaldi
at the parent meeting on Friday, February 13,
please click on the Forms link in the panel to the left.

In order to help keep our students safe and to facilitate the flow of traffic, please attend the following:

1) Do not drop students off in the middle of a road or drive.

2) Have students exit the car on the sidewalk side to avoid students stepping out in front of traffic.

3) Have students cross streets by a crossing guard or police officer.

4) Do not make K-turns or U-turns on Kent Place Boulevard.

5) When pulling into the school drive, pull forward as far as possible down the drive before dropping off students.

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We believe that education in a democracy should provide the opportunity and the stimulus for maximum personal growth and self-fulfillment, and it should ensure that all students are prepared for responsible citizenship, further learning, and productive employment in a rapidly changing society and world.

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